The dry hydro massage bed Medyjet Evolution offers a great variety of individual treatment options for a multitude of
different institutions, such as spa areas and thermal baths, gyms and rehabilitation centres, hospitals and medical practices.
During the treatment, the customer is positioned on a comfortable cover made from natural rubber on top of a tub filled with pleasantly heated water. Water nozzles placed below the cover along the customer‘s body are used for the application of a relaxing massage. As there is no direct contact with the water, treatment on the Medyjet Evolution can be carried out without the customer having to undress and is therefore easily to be administered. The device offers very effective and efficient wellness treatments. All massage parameters can easily be set and adjusted via a clearly arranged intuitive touch screen. An NFC card system offers the possibility to use the unit with payment or program cards.

Medyjet Evolution – The new definition of dry hydro massage


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