Avantgarde floatation system

The floatation system is designed for the treatment with body wraps: it is the optimal solution for fango paraffin, mud, fango and the broad range of media used in wellness treatments. The surface adapts to the different treatment phases. In the beginning, the customer is positioned on a solid air cushion, which is the ideal surface for putting on a body wrap. Once the wrap has been applied, the air cushion slowly lowers the customer onto a water cushion kept at a comfortable temperature. The floatation calms and relaxes the body, increases blood circulation and opens the pores of the skin, which enhances the efficiency of the body wraps. When the air cushion rises again, it starts with the legs to stabilise and stimulate blood circulation.
The Avantgarde design is at once compact, modern and timeless and therefore allows for an easy integration into therapeutically oriented institutions.

Avantgarde floatation system – come to rest in an atmosphere of weightlessness


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