Avantgarde massage tub

As part of the new Avantgarde line the massage tub perfectly fits into medical spas and therapeutic facilities with highest standards of treatment quality and design. The tub features a multitude of fully automatic underwater massage programmes and is thus the example for massage treatments par excellence: 260 water nozzles, 50 air nozzles and 150 light spots in eight changing colours allow for a broad treatment range running from individual intensive massages to your personal indulgence programme. The massage programme starts with the effleurage, a soft stroking of muscles and connective tissue. During the following underwater massage 20 zones of the body (arranged in 10 groups) from the soles of the feet up to the shoulders are being treated. By being specifically designed for the human body, treatments in the massage tub of the Avantgarde line guarantee for an excellent deep-acting effect.

Avantgarde massage tub – Experience and enjoyment for high demands


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